Daily Parayanam

Volunteers from DC Metro Sai Samsthan started this parayan yagna from Nov 20, 2010. Everyday one devotee will read one chapter from Sai Charitra and share their Sai Leela experiences and talk about Baba thru books and bhajans. This parayan has started with few devotees and has reached over 100s people all over USA.

Dedicated Teleconference dial-in number:

Phone : 1-302-202-1117

Access Code : 755849

Timings: Monday to Friday 9 PM – 10 PM

Saturday and Sunday 9:30 AM

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Please contact us at parayanam@dcmetrosaisamsthan.org for more details.

“If a man utters My name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes, increase his devotion. And if he sings earnestly My life and My deeds, him I shall beset in front and back and on all sides. Those devotees, who are attached to Me, heart and soul, will naturally feel happiness, when they hear these stories. Believe Me that if anybody sings My Leelas, I will give him infinite joy and everlasting contentment. It is My special characteristic to free any person, who surrenders completely to Me, and who does worship Me faithfully, and who remembers Me, and meditates on Me constantly. How can they be conscious of worldly objects and sensations, who utter My name, who worship Me, who think of My stories and My life and who thus always remember Me? I shall draw out My devotees from the jaws of Death. If My stories are listened to, all the diseases will be got rid of. So, hear My stories with respect; and think and meditate on them, assimilate them. This is the way of happiness and contentment. The pride and egoism of My devotees will vanish, the mind of the hearers will be set at rest; and if it has wholehearted and complete faith, it will be one with Supreme Consciousness. The simple remembrance of My name as “Sai, Sai” will do away with sins of speech and hearing”.

Light houses are constructed at various places in the sea, to enable the boatmen to avoid rocks and dangers, and make them sail safely. Sai Baba’s stories serve a similar purpose in the ocean of worldly existence. They surpass nectar in sweetness, and make our worldly path smooth and easy to travers e. Blessed are the stories of the saints. When they enter our hearts through the ears, the body – consciousness or egoism and the sense of duality vanish; and when they are stored in the heart, doubts fly out to all sides, pride of the body will fall, and wisdom will be stored in abundance.

Parayan is reading of a sacred or holy book in a set number of days. Mostly Sapthah (completing the reading of book in a week) is done. More or less period of time can also be devoted. Mostly when people find themselves in some sort of problem or trouble, when some kind of insecurity gets hold on to them. They read Sai SatCharitra or some devotee recommends the parayan of Shri SaiSatCharitra to get free. So many devotees has found that this remedy works. Just give your problems to Sai Baba and to the parayan of Sai SatCharitra. Suppose some problem is getting on your head and heart. It troubles a lot. Just start a parayan of Shri Sai SatCharitra, surrender your problem to Sai Baba.

These sacred books awakens the spiritual consciousness within us or what is called chaitanya shakti. That is the reason this books have to reread again and again. If we talk about Sai SatCharitra. Every time we read the book is like spending time with Sai Baba or Sai Baba’s divine love and grace. So let’s keep this in mind and make it a love affair or devotional affair with Sai Baba, rather than getting the sense of heaviness or duty. Words are like heaviness and duty are purposely used as lot of devotees gets themselves burdened for parayan of Sai SatCharitra. It’s ironic to make this topic a burden while it is there for removing the burden.

Should we forget the parayan of sacred book or holy book, once we are free form the problem? As stated above Sai SatCharitra is one of the few rare books on earth that has the quality of divine grace. When read again and again it gives new meanings of life and devotion. Our spiritual understanding reveals itself when read again and again. While we read this book certain words and messages penetrate our mind and heart. That particular message is what we need most at this stage. Many devotees unaware of the quality of the sacred book and getting overwhelmed by the needed message underline those messages. This is a mistake. We are in process of evolution of understanding. So do not underline sacred or holy books. After a year there will be new messages which you don’t notice now, but will have much significance at that time. So leave the book as it is, the divine grace underlines the needed message at different times and different points of life. Also when everything seems to right in our life. There is joy and festivity. In this time we should read the Sai SatCharitra and share and surrender our joys to Baba’s grace. We should seek freedom from these enjoyments as we seek freedom from the pains. Because the divine joy is beyond both the worldly joy, joy of senses and worldly pain, pain of senses and mind. And seek for the divine Bliss.


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