Many Shirdi Saibaba devotees get introduced to Saibaba thru Sai Satcharitra, a book that was originally written in Marathi by Sri Hemadpanth. Sai Satcharithra has been translated into many languages, thereby introducing many devotees, worldwide, to Saibaba’s Teachings and Philosophy.

If you begin reading and completing Sai Satcharitra in 7 days, it is called Saptaaham. But if it is done in one day it is called Ekaaham. During this day long yagna, every devotee will read one chapter. There will be Madhyana Aarthi, Evening Aarthi and after the completion of last chapter, there will be Shej Arthi. The whole process takes at least 15 hours. If you can participate for whole time that’s blissful. But you can also attend for few hours. So based on one’s time they can participate in this Yagna as they desire.

Once in 3 months (every quarter), Samsthan devotees or anybody in the congregation can request for an Ekaaham to be done at their home. The Samsthan will assist the devotees to perform this yagna, helping with the organization and setup required to perform this. Please if you are living outside of DC Metro area or not able to attend this at our home, you can read in the Telephone Conference lines. There will be 2 conference phone numbers active on that day.

If you desire to have an Ekaaham at your home, please email info@dcmetrosaisamsthan. Please note this is conducted once every quarter and the schedule is filled up with first come first served.


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