Paschim Shirdi Community Garden

Welcome to the Paschim Shirdi Community Garden named “Lendi Bagh”

Lendi Bagh at Shirdi, India, used to be an empty wasteland. Baba worked hard several days and turned this wasteland into a flourishing garden. Baba involved villagers (the community), with their help he dug a well near the garden and established a consistent supply of water. Baba also planted two big trees, a neem tree and a peepul / ashwatha tree in the garden.

With Lendi Bagh Baba Demonstrated:
● The importance of protecting plants and Trees
● The role of community
● How to build a community garden
● How to care of plants (Baba worked 2 hrs every day)
● Importance of two trees Neem & Ashwatha (Peepal) and the relation to Meditation

Paschim Shirdi Sai Mandir Community Garden

On the 33-acre land, we have partitioned off 5 acres to promote community gardening. You may rent up to 400 Sq ft of community garden plot at a cost of $150/year to grow your own flowers and vegetables on Sai’s land. There are 200 lots available and will be rented on a first-come first-served basis. The plot can be renewed yearly during the renewal period before it is made public. The community land garden will be completely fenced to keep deer and other animals away. We will provide a toolshed to store your garden tools and kits. Water access, compost, and mulch will be provided to space.
  • Currently, we are soliciting members to sign up who are interested in the community garden on Paschim Shirdi land. Please complete the following form and one of our volunteers will reach out to you. You are most welcome to join our volunteer group to help at the community garden by filling the following form.

    You may contact us at with any comments or questions.


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