Sandwich Drive

Every Thursday Annadhanam   

The highest form of charity

Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches Donation

Chapter 38, Sai Satcharitha: Giving food is the Highest Form of Charity. When an Athithi comes to our door at noon, it is our bounded duty to Welcome him/her and give him/her food. Other kinds of charities, viz., giving away wealth, property etc. require some discrimination, but in the matter of food, no such consideration is necessary. All charities are imperfect without Anna Daanam. Anna Daanam is the best of all merits.

“Food is Brahma; from food all creatures are born, by food they live, and having departed, into food they again enter.” – Taittiriya Upanishad.

Sai devotees can donate homemade peanut butter jelly sandwiches every Thursday morning at designated drop off locations (prepared in a sanitized condition with peanut butter applied to one slice and jelly applied to other slice and placing one on the top of the other and eventually placing them in individual Ziploc bags), milk, cereal, coffee, sugar, juice,  fruits, vegetables,  to Shepherds Food Table in Silver Spring, Maryland. The program is in the 8th year and we serve every thursday whether there is rain or wind or snow.  For additional details/interested, send an email to

Letter of Recognition from Shepherds Table



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