Office Bearers

Office Bearers are all Board of Director (BOD) members, and Executive Committee (EC) members as specified in the By Laws Page 10.

As per ByLaws, BoDs primary focus is to execute DCMSS Mission, Fund raising, Increasing the Membership Base, Long-term vision and Governance of DCMSS. Refer to ByLaws for specific roles and responsibilities of BODs. BODs can be reached at Below is the list of BOD members:

  • Damodar Reddy Ettyreddy
  • Dharmaraj Raghavan
  • Partha Byreddy (BOT Chair)
  • Prasad Konka
  • Radhakrishnan Chandran
  • Ramesh Chintagumpala
  • Srikanth Akula
  • Srihari Madala
  • Senani Varma Nadimpalli

As per ByLaws, The Executive Committee will execute the day-to-day operation of the DCMSS.
The general operational management of the organization shall be vested in the Executive
Committee. EC members can be reached at Below is the list of EC members:

  • Sreenivas Reddy Gadila, Vice President
  • Pradyumna Nandimandalam, General Secretary
  • Rama Vanka, Jt. Secretary
  • Ramesh Maturi, Events Secretary
  • Vamsi Motaparthy, Treasurer
  • Hareesh Gangisetty, Jt. Treasurer

Please note that all Office Bearers are Volunteer positions only.


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