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Weclome to the Paschim Shirdi Sai Mandir. We are excited to have you as part of this divine endeavor. All the developments related to the Paschim Shirdi are posted here. Please bookmark this page and visit often.

DCMSS acquired a 33-acre parcel of farmland in Germantown Maryland in Oct 2020 as the future site of Paschim Shirdi. DCMSS envisions Paschim Shirdi to embody the principles of Shirdi, India. Paschim Shirdi will be a site to promote and learn about Sai Tattva and keeping with its origins in line with Sai’s guiding principle of “Service to Mankind is Service to God”  by championing community service.

Our address is: 23501 Ridge Rd, Germantown, MD 20876

With beautiful rolling hills and amazing views of the surrounding areas, this site is within a 5-minute drive from I-270 providing easy access to all in the Washington DC Metro Area. The site itself is a large hillock and the temple will be at the top of the hill.

The entire Paschim Shirdi project is scoped to last several years, the total project outlay is ~$15M. As a volunteer-driven organization, DCMSS’s initial phase is to set up the Community Center, this will be the site of our Phase 1 temple – the current temple being operated from 19711 Waters Road, Germantown will be moved to this location. This phase of the project – Paschim Shirdi Phase 1 – will be geared towards the setup of a Phase 1 temple and all the minimum required aspects – the outlay for this is estimated to be ~$4.5M.

With all your contributions, Samsthan bought this land with a 30% down payment leaving us with about $820,000 loan. Our Phase 1 plan includes:

  1. Develop the land with Public water, sewer, Grading & Sediment control, Storm drain, paving and SWM
  2. Building access road, parking lot
  3. Building a 4600 sft Phase 1 temple

Our plan is to move out of the existing rental place by the mid of 2024. We are working with experts on putting plans together for the construction and building approvals. The Samsthan humbly requests the congregation to come forward and take part in this divine opportunity. Please check the various avenues to contribute below.

Paschim Shirdi Bhoomi Dhana Maha Yagna

With Sai’s Blessings, we plan to pay off the land loan before we start the land development and temple construction phase. Towards this goal, we are seeking your contributions to purchase a yard of Paschim Shirdi land at $10/yard. Out of a total of 163.688 square yards, in the past 9 months By Baba’s grace devotees have come forward and sponsored close to  25,000 Sq yards.  As the Puranas say, get lifetime blessings to you and your family by sponsoring temple land.  Kindly do not miss this opportunity. 

Each Square Yard can be sponsored at $10.00. You may support the cause by sponsoring as many yards as possible by clicking on the below link.


You may set up an ACH (monthly withdrawal) against you and your family names for one or more years to support this cause as well.

We request all of you to kindly support and spread this message so that we can get all the yards sponsored by the devotee community.  It is OUR Paschim Shirdi Sai Temple.

Please click here to sponsor

Prathama Nirmana Daata

We humbly invite you and your family to participate in once in a lifetime opportunity – Paschim Shirdi Prathama Nirmana Datha. 

We invite Devotees and their families to come forward and sponsor any number of Units you want to sponsor for this wonderful cause. We request all of you to kindly spread this message so that we can get all of the yards sponsored by the devotee community.  

Please click here to sponsor

Premium Sponsor

We humbly invite you to take part in the premium opportunities for temple construction.

• Phase1 Community Center Foundation
• Community Center Prasadalaya
• Community Center Main Prayer Hal
• Community Center Ancillary Spaces
• Access Road from Ridge Road to Phase1 Community Center
• Phase1 Parking

Your contributions will be recognized through a display in our temple facilities.

Base Tier – $25K paid over Phase1 construction period (2-3 years)

Mid Tier – $100k paid over Phase1 construction period (2-3 years)

Top Tier – $250k paid over Phase1 construction period (2-3 years)

Please email us at paschimshirdi@dcmetrosaisamsthan.org to get more details and ways to contribute. We are happy to share our construction plan and fundraising plans with you.

Community Garden

Sai showed us practical experience in how one must take care of plants and trees by establishing and taking care of the Lendi Bagh in Shirdi. HE established a flourishing garden in what was once a barren land and bought the entire community together in maintaining this. Taking a lesson from this, DCMSS has partitioned off 5 acres of land – a place where the community can gather to meet and interact to grow flowers and vegetables. Especially in the times, we are in, having such an open space is a Blessing, our Pranams to Sai for affording us this opportunity.

DCMSS proposes to use this land to actively engage with the community, further inculcating the Teachings of Sai in our day-to-day lives. Phase1 of this project would be to section off a portion of this into plots of 400 sft, we will have 200 of these plots that we plan to offer to the community where one can actively grow vegetables and flowers. To defray the operating expenses, there will be a nominal cost of $150/plot – this will give one full access to their plot for farming. DCMSS will provide water, mulch, a toolshed with garden tools so that one can easily get started. The area will be fenced off as well to ensure we protect the crop.

As we expand from Phase1, DCMSS has plans to expand further, we will have Knowledge sessions – where we can learn from seasoned gardeners, explore ways on how to do organic gardening by composting our farm waste, and even learn, gather tips from our experts in our community on vegetarian cooking, etc. At this point, we are soliciting your interest so we can plan for a kickoff in the next year growing season.

Please click here to submit your interest and one of our volunteers will reach out to you.


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