DCMSS Sai Mandir is solely operated by volunteers (Sai Sevaks) and supported by DCMSS’s Priests and an Office Manager . Volunteers are the pillars of DCMSS. 

More than 90 volunteers are actively helping DCMSS day to day activities and its operations. All the office bearers are also volunteers of the organization.  

We need your help in reaching out to the broader community to spread  Baba’s message of peace and love. We need your help in our temple operations and other temple activities. You can volunteer for an hour or two every week for this noble cause. We sincerely appreciate every bit of your time. Please fill in the form below and our Volunteer coordinator will contact you to soon. 

Volunteer Sign Up

Sub Committees are groups of volunteers that perform a specific function within the Mandir. Use this form to submit your interest in volunteering in one of the sub-committees.
  • Provide your First & Last Names
  • Select one or more sub-committees that you are interested to participate in and serve Sri Sai Baba.
  • Enter which subcommittee interests you most, if you wish to participate in more than one subcommittee
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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