Phase 1 Development

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Phase 1 development has two parts to it. The first part is to prepare the raw land to construct a building, and the second part is to construct the building. Regarding the 1st part, any raw land must go through Stormwater management (SWM), forestation, landscaping, access road, utilities, water, and sewer setup before building construction. Public water and Sewer are important for any facility to serve long-term sustainability. As part of the preliminary site plan approval, the county approved public water (1500 feet away) and public sewer (4000 feet away).

With all your contributions, Samsthan bought this land with a 30% down payment, leaving us with about $820,000 loan. Our Phase 1 plan includes:

  • Develop the land with Public water, sewer, Grading and sediment control, Storm drain, paving, and SWM
  • Building access road, parking lot
  • Building a 4800 sft Phase 1 temple with community kitchen

Our Civil Engineering company, MHG, has applied for permits for all the land development works. We are waiting for the approval of SWM, forestation plans. Our Architectural company, Sheladia, has applied for the building permit. These plans are going through Montgomery County reviews. As of now, we expect the county process to finish and get us to the final approvals needed by
Summer 2024.

Our team is also working on finding ways to reduce development costs with alternative approaches. We are consulting with talented freelancers with expertise in architecture, structural, greenhouse, and project management to help with the project.

Following are the steps involved in the phase 1 temple construction. Some of these steps can go concurrently as well. We are finding ways to start with the development as soon as we secure the county permits. Highlighted steps show the current status.

  • Land recordation (Q2 2024)
  • Land development contract award (Q2 2024)
  • Secure building permits (Q2 2024)
  • Groundbreaking for the land development (Q2 2024)
  • Secure bank loan for the building construction (Q2 2024)
  • Building construction contract award (Q4 2024)
  • Phase1 building construction (Q2 2025)
  • Occupancy permit (Q2 2027)


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