Devotee Experiences

Below are some of the Shirdi Sai Baba devotee experiences in their recent past. Please share your experiences to

Darshana Dighe

I would like to share one experience that I won’t forget. In 2013 it was Holi day, In early morning itself I got a thought it is Holi today, Baba came to Hemadpant’s house in form of picture on Holi, how happy He would have been. Then I prayed baba come to me in some form, give me some indication before noon. Then I was browsing the internet , emails etc, with the hope that I would receive Baba’s pictures. I had full faith that Baba will give me some indication of his presence and arrival. I didn’t get any pictures. At around 11 am I started making Puran Polis chanting baba name. Prepared naivedyam. But in my mind kept thinking   I am very small devotee, may be my devotion is lacks somewhere and how can I expect such a thing to happen suddenly. And my mobile rang , it was Niranjanji’s call asking would you like to join ekaham and read chapter 41? My joy knew no bounds!!.
Baba made me read sai charitra that too ch 41 which has the story i was thinking about!

Jaishree Majumdar

Om Sai Ram! 
I do not know how I describe Baba’s Leela those are happening every moment in my life. I see Him everywhere, I feel His touch every moment I chant His holy name. Just amazing feeling! My husband was reborn with Baba’s blessings after a sudden heart attack. Only thing he could remember was Baba. All my difficulties are taken away by Baba when I chant His name. 

A year ago it was so difficult for me to sit down on the floor for doing my daily puja due to a cist  in the back of my knee and there is no medication for that. I used the best medication- Baba’s udi.  I am free from pain and able to do daily meditation sitting on the floor, do things at the temple twice a week. I have an amazing feeling that Baba is holding my hands and showing me the path that I walk through! 

Sai Ram Raja Ram! Jai Sai Ram!
Peace Peace Peace!

Nitin Shinde

🙏🙏🙏 Hari Om Jai Sairam🙏🙏🙏
It started on Thursday night jere, Friday morning in India.. my father (86.. will be 87 in 10 days) had an episode of dizziness and right side wellness.. with Baba’s leelas my brother and bhabhi was near by and took him to hospital in taluka place (Junnar), there also likely radiologist was available off hours (again Baba’s chamatkar) head MRI was done in an emergency and he was diagnosed with hemorrhage and had a blood clot, On Saturday he was transferred to a bigger hospital in Bhosari, about 45 miles from our village, he was operated by Baba in the form of neurosurgeon.. surgery was supposed to go for about 3 to 4 but completed within 1.5 hrs. … 

Here we were so worried and I was planning to fly right a way but couldn’t because of my passport, it is expiring in December.. It may be Baba’s plans for me due to my health, baba wanted me to get better first before traveling. Here on Saturday we plan to perform Sai Samarapyami with Angira Bhai and family, for one or other reason we couldn’t start at the planned time, baba has his own schedule and he wanted us pray with as little stress as possible, around 1.45 PM we received text from my nephew that my father’s surgery was successful.. Baba was delaying for us to hear this news before we start praying so we can perform prayers peacefully.

During Sai Samarapyami, I put my phone on airplane mode for no disturbance when we play recorded sai samarapayami.. Here is another leelas of baba.. as soon as we completed prayers I turned on my phone and the first thing I saw was text from my nephew that my father was already conscious and very much alert .. usually this type of surgery takes more than 3 hours to perform and it takes over 6 to 7 hours to gain consciousness… In this event surgery took 1.5 hrs (baba’s was there) and he was already alert in less than 3 hours … What do you call this.. isn’t it is miracle.. yes, it’s Baba’s miracle.     🙏🎂🎂Jai Sairam🙏🙏🙏

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