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DCMSS has been supported by generous, committed donors since its early days. It comprises over 3000 members. These members have been the financial backbone of the organization. We plan to move out of the existing rental place as soon as we secure the building permits and finish the construction. We are expecting the permits to be in place by summer 2024. We are planning to start the land development with the permits in place, and we are hoping to raise about $1.6 million by the end of 2024 to start the building construction. Any delay in raising the funds would delay the move-in date. The Samsthan humbly requests the congregation to come forward and take part in this divine opportunity. Please check the various avenues to contribute below.

Bhoomi Dhana Maha YagnaPaschim Shirdi Land purchase$1.6M
Prathama Nirmana Daata Land/Site Development$2.5M
Paschim Shirdi Daata /
Premium Sponsor
Phase 1 Building Construction$2.5M
Paschim Shirdi Ricegrain projectContractor / Consultant Cost$100K


Premium Sponsor

• Phase1 Community Center Foundation
• Community Center Prasadalaya
• Community Center Main Prayer Hal
• Community Center Ancillary Spaces
• Access Road from Ridge Road to Phase1 Community Center
• Phase1 Parking

We humbly invite you to take part in the premium opportunities for temple construction.

Your contributions will be recognized through a display in our temple facilities.

Base Tier – $25K paid over Phase1 construction period (2-3 years)

Mid Tier – $100k paid over Phase1 construction period (2-3 years)

Top Tier – $250k paid over Phase1 construction period (2-3 years)

Please email us at to get more details and ways to contribute. We are happy to share our construction plan and fundraising plans with you.


”Just by starting the construction of a temple for Lord, sins committed in seven births will be wiped out” – Skanda Purana

”On building a temple of the Lord one can attain the eternal Vaikunthaloka” — Vamana Purana

Having acquired wealth and built a temple with a small portion of it, a person acquires piety and gains favors from Hari” – Agni Purana

“Whoever constructs or helps to construct a temple will protect eight generations of father, grandfathers and forefathers from falling into Hell” — Vamana Purana

“Mortals who help to construct a temple of Lord Vishnu do not return to this world, they return to the abode of Lord Vishnu” – Padma Purana

“A person who builds a temple for Lord will get the same results as performing the Rajasuya yagna and Ashwameda yagna” — Vishnu Dharmottara

“If one contributes towards temple construction, devotional service becomes increasingly a more tangible and feasible reality in one’s life” – Ajnata sukriti



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