Paschim Shirdi Master Plan

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With beautiful rolling hills and amazing views of the surrounding areas, this site is within a 5-minute drive from I-270, providing easy access to all in the Washington DC Metro Area. The site itself is a large hillock, and the temple will be at the top of the hill. We envision the temple as a unique Saibaba Temple in the western hemisphere. To cater to the needs of our community and future generations, we envision the temple complex with multiple facilities. The following pictures shows the layout of the land and the following facilities.

  • Paschim Shirdi Saibaba Temple
  • Community Center
  • Priest cottages
  • Retreat center
  • Daycare/Community Center

    The entire Paschim Shirdi project is scoped to last several years, the total project outlay is ~$15-20M. As a volunteer-driven organization, DCMSS’s initial phase is to set up the Community Center, this will be the site of our Phase 1 temple – the current temple being operated from 19711 Waters Road, Germantown will be moved to this location. This phase of the project – Paschim Shirdi Phase 1 – will be geared towards the setup of a Phase 1 temple and all the minimum required aspects – the outlay for this is estimated to be ~$5M.

    Here is the overall schedule for the full development of the Paschim Shirdi complex. Please note that the schedule is highly dependent on the available funds, loans, and county permits.


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